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Play HAPPY WHEELS Demo Game at Home, Office


Happy Wheels Demo

In initial you just open game and a advertisement will be displayed. Click on Skip button to start game at happy wheels demo page. After that Option screen will be displayed Select appropriate option to start game and select level. This game is developed by three talented guys Fancy ForceJim Bonacci and Jack Zankowski. Install this game on Android Phone or other Phone from the Appstore.

When you Start Happy Wheels Game. you will play Demo mode.

Now game is ready to play.

This game is just demo mode of Full Version of Happy Wheels. Left side has option to select Level of game. Select one of them and move forward.

If you want to eject from any level just press z.

If you want to control legs and arms just Press Shift +

Instruction of Happy wheels unblocked

There are several levels and some character which you will select in main screen of game. These are characters

  • Old Man he is sit on chair
  • Gentle man with Good Looking dress with Seg-way
  • Woman at Bike
  • Man with a kid

There are some other characters which will display in full version and after completion of levels

Game Controls


Arrow keys to move forward and backward.

Space button is jump in this game.


Other things you can do this mouse key.

Happy Wheels Walk through